New review of Zombies of the World

From the blog Libarianaut:

One of my favourite things about the book is how it describes a world in which zombies are a menace but haven’t driven humanity to an apocalypse. It’s very hopeful. There are people who are concerned about preserving them as a species (and not solely because they’re the source of almost unlimited energy, if the secret could be cracked).

Go check it out!

First review of Zombies of the World is in!

From Zombie Zone News:

Author Ross Payton has thrown together arguably the greatest field resource for would-be Zombologists to sort through all the madness that are the many variations of Walking Corpses in his new book Zombies of the World: A Field Guide to the Walking Dead!

What makes this book so different from all the other Zombie Survival/Educational Manuals out there? To put it simply: Everything! The book reads as if the author threw a Zombie Text book, A Zombie Rights Guide, A Zombie Pop-culture reference tome and a Zombie Identification guide into a massive literary blender and hit the frappe button to amalgamate them into a smooth cocktail of terror like none other!

Read the rest of the review on their website.

The books have arrived!

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The books have arrived from Singapore! All the preorders have been mailed (except for Canada because of the strike). You can order your copy directly from this website or from Amazon if you don’t have Paypal. If you have a blog, podcast or magazine and would like to review Zombies of the World, please email to request a review copy. I want to give a specials thanks to all the preorder customers! You guys rock 😀

If you want to buy a copy in person, Zombies of the World will be available at Gencon Indy this year at the Arc Dream booth. I’ll be glad to autograph your copy. I also have a Zombies in gaming seminar at Gencon.