How a government bureaucracy might respond to a zombie outbreak

This paper (PDF) outlines an exercise to simulate a zombie outbreak and theorizes how it would daily operations of government agencies. It was originally written for the University of Florida, according to this article. It seems to provide a good starting point for planning zombie event preparedness.  For example, it outlines a few important topics such as:

Phase 3 of the exercise will cover important operational topics such as:

  • Proper hygiene during an outbreak;
  • Most effective hiding places and refuges should you encounter zombies at home;
  • How to properly process and route inarticulate zombie-calls to avoid being accused of failing to adequately support infected UF faculty, staff, and students;
  • Situational work practices such as covering windows, barricading doors, and distinguishing between zombie moans and other moaning encountered in the workplace;
  • Dispelling myths. For example, contrary to Lawrence (2007), garlic will not stop true zombies,only vampires; and zombies do come out during the day, though they are most active a night because they typically do not like sunlight;
  • Policies and procedures for dispatching an infected co-worker.