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Reviews: Zombies of the World has received many positive reviews:

Kenneth Hite: any book that carefully differentiates between the Italian Zombie (M. immortalis fulci) and the North American Cabin Lurker (M. necronomicus kandarian) is a book with brains enough to feast upon all night.

Sift Reviews: I cannot stress enough how highly I recommend this book. It is a great break away from the usual novels most of us read, and was a perfect mental vacation as I relaxed in the world of the undead.

Zombie Zone News: What makes this book so different from all the other Zombie Survival/Educational Manuals out there? To put it simply: Everything! The book reads as if the author threw a Zombie Text book, A Zombie Rights Guide, A Zombie Pop-culture reference tome and a Zombie Identification guide into a massive literary blender and hit the frappe button to amalgamate them into a smooth cocktail of terror like none other!

The Zed Word: Unlike many other guides that are tedious and dry attempts to cash in on the undead, Zombies of the World is sharply written, wonderfully illustrated and designed, mercifully concise, and deeply influenced by zombie culture. And most important of all: it’s really fun to read. Payton has taken considerable time and effort to intermix historical record with his book. This is what makes the Field Guide so much fun to read…The descriptions of some of the undead are really ingenious and comical…Ross Payton has done a wonderful job cataloging and identifying the numerous and various species of zombies that are or were roaming the earth.

Target Audience Magazine: However, just because the book promotes a tongue-in-cheek perspective, doesn’t mean that some pretty nasty pieces of work aren’t touched upon as well like the Talking Zombie, or Mortifera Immortalis Trioxin, who “is considered the most dangerous species of undead in the world” (p. 52).  This may be because they “are highly aggressive predators who actively seek to eat the brains of humans, claiming that it eases the pain of being undead” (p. 52).

When Falls the Coliseum: Ross Payton is someone who has spent waaaaay too much time thinking about the undead among us…he has created a whole new zombie ‘verse: there are different zombie species, a history, even ads for clinics doing zombie research. It’s a fun romp through Zombieland…The best part of the book is the illustrated section on zombie species. There are full-color drawings of all the major zombie varieties…This is a great beach read for those of us who don’t want a romance novel and want to use our sunbathing time to get prepared for the zombie apocalypse.

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About the Author: Ross Payton is a writer and podcaster. His first two books – Curriculum of Conspiracyand Road Trip – are tabletop RPG campaigns that satirize fantasy and horror clichés. He has directed a horror comedy movie, Motor Home From Hell, about an RV driven by a demon. His podcast, Role Playing Public Radio, discusses tabletop gaming and pop culture issues and attracts listeners from around the world. Ross lives in Springfield, Missouri, a relatively zombie-free area.

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